Bay Admissions offers admissions counseling, SSAT prep, and guidance in the application and essay portions of the process.

Our ultimate goal is to simplify the process for students and families.

The truth of the high school process is that it can be very challenging. From SSAT tests to interviews, it is full of rules and requirements. Many families find themselves going through the process for the first time, confounded by the multitude of options, and worried about the complexities of the process. Families returning to the process usually face many of the same predicaments of earlier experiences and feel uneasy.

Thatís why Bay Admissions wants to help.

Students, in particular, face critical decisions during the process. They must contemplate their strengths and needs as students. What do they need as a student? How do they envision their high school experience Ė academically, socially, athletically, artistically? Do they want a big or small school? Is their ideal school public or private, religious or non-denominational, single-sex or co-ed? Once students receive their acceptance letters, more questions abound: Which school is the best fit? Should students stay on the Wait List? How do you make the final choice?

These are questions we help students and families evaluate. Our goal is to provide the widest array of resources for every step of the process. The big decisions are up to the students. But itís our job that they feel prepared for every step of the process.