The Bay Area offers a huge range of high schools that each posses unique characteristics. While all of the schools have benefits, it is also important for students to be fully informed of their options, particularly the differences between the schools. In doing so, they can make the best decisions about their futures.

Our job at Bay Admissions is to give you the facts. But we do more than that. We try our very hardest to convey the “insider” story of these schools from the students who attended these schools, the 8th graders who applied to them, and the people who have worked with or had experiences with them.

We accomplish this in three ways. First, we offer students and families our own opinions and advice, based upon our personal experiences, our statistics and our independent research. Second, we provide Discussion Boards for people to connect online and, in the process, gain further insight. Third, we keep a constantly updated file of Personal Testimonials. This file offers candid, real-life stories from former students of Bay Area high schools, both public and private, and it is open to all families who use our services.

The Bay Area is full of schools and this process can be very exciting. We would love to discuss schools with you.